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    I am in charge of making and selling wine.
    I started off by making wine in my apartment’s
    bathtub, and changed my life from being an
    engineer to being a wine-maker.
    My life is split between vines and aircraft,
    and I am always running about. I am a dreamer,
    I am impatient, and I am studious. I love
    opening great bottles with friends,

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    I am responsible for growing grapes
    and making wine.I have been running around
    the winery since I was a child; as a result,
    all my life has been given over to vines.
    My father devoted his life to planting and
    caring for vines, and I have followed
    the same path. I love playing sports,
    playing with Jaime, and telling Fernando
    to slow down.

“To make a great wine, you must drink great wines; is there anything better than doing it together?”