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    I am in charge of making and selling wine.
    I started off by making wine in my apartment’s
    bathtub, and changed my life from being an
    engineer to being a wine-maker.
    My life is split between vines and aircraft,
    and I am always running about. I am a dreamer,
    I am impatient, and I am studious. I love
    opening great bottles with friends.

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    I am responsible for growing grapes
    and making wine.I have been running around
    the winery since I was a child; as a result,
    all my life has been given over to vines.
    My father devoted his life to planting and
    caring for vines, and I have followed
    the same path. I love playing sports,
    playing with Jaime, and telling Fernando
    to slow down.
    Garnacha is my passion

“To make a great wine, you must drink great wines; is there anything better than doing it together?”

Our path

The best is always yet to come

2008 Fundation

Fernando Mora starts making wine at home like a hobby. That year he meets Mario López and they start making wine together.
We learn and travel during this time

2010 First Vintage of Frontonio

Mario and Fernando decide to elaborate for the first time a wine from a old vine in a different way and they discover the potential of that special vineyards.

2016 First vintage of ``El Jardin de las Iguales``

Years of research for a unique terroir end up finding El Jardin de Las Iguales in Alpartir, Zaragoza. A more than 150 years old vineyard, hillside, of Garnacha and Macabeo. Nowadays is considered their most special vineyard.

2017 Fernando gets the title ``Master of Wine``

4th September of 2017, Fernando recieves a call from the Master of Wine Institute notifying him that he has passed (on first sitting) all stages to get this prestigious title.

2018 First vintage in Alpartir

Frontonio is set up in an underground winery with two pipes in Alpartir. Working by gravity and at the right temperature to refine the wines is one of the key elements.

2021 Bodegas Frontonio gets an organic certification on their 64 vineyard hectares

Frontonio works its own vineyards in the most sustainable way. That’s why the winery decide to certify its 64 hectares in organic agriculture.