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    I am the head of administration
    and human resources. When I was a kid,
    I used to take swigs of wine from my
    grandfather’s old wine jar. Dedication and
    perseverance define the way I work.
    With my travelling companions, I share what
    is to become of this adventure whose end is just
    known by the Gods  I love cooking with
    friends; I love mountains; and I love reading
    a good book from time to time.

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    I am in charge of making and selling wine.
    I started off by making wine in my apartment’s
    bathtub, and changed my life from being an
    engineer to being a wine-maker.
    My life is split between vines and aircraft,
    and I am always running about. I am a dreamer,
    I am impatient, and I am studious. I love
    opening great bottles with friends, I love
    playing padel, and I cook better than Francisco.

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    I am responsible for growing grapes
    and making wine.I have been running around
    the winery since I was a child; as a result,
    all my life has been given over to vines.
    My father devoted his life to planting and
    caring for vines, and I have followed
    the same path. I love playing sports,
    playing with Jaime, and telling Fernando
    to slow down.

“To make a great wine, you must drink great wines; is there anything better than doing it together?”


Bodegas Frontonio states its zero tolerance to corruption and irregular practices, as laid out in law and in the custom and usage of business.


Bodegas Frontonio plays an active role in social and economic activities as part of its social commitment.


Bodegas Frontonio is committed to the environment through the application of non-invasive techniques during the production.


Bodegas Frontonio states its full commitment towards Human Rights respect and defense.