Mountain vines, a cave, and a dream: to bring back a tradition. We do not  want rules; we trust our land, our grapes, and our senses.
We are Bodegas Frontonio.

Our winery is a 200-year old house with an underground cave (3 floors) which allow us to leverage the effects of gravity to process the grapes as gently as possible, as well as benefitting from the naturally cool environment and its optimal humidity for wine ageing. After extensive renovations, the cellar can now process 70,000kg of grapes, and age almost 50,000 l. in variety of vessels: concrete, oak foudres and barrels up to 600liters (demi-muid).

Even though wine ageing was carried out there until 2017, the first vintage entirely produced in our new winery was accomplished in 2019. We were able then to vinify separately every parcel, a process which resulted in 45 different wines. Too many to manage, so instead, we will practice the art of blending.

In a cave

All our wines age in a cave.
We are proud to be a micro-winery
where we are able to work in our
way and create unique wines.

Grape Stomping

High-end wines come from grape stomping.
It is a helpful technique for preventing the
seeds to break and the consequent
bitter taste in our wine.
Furthermore, we enjoy this tradition!

Taste and taste again

Tasting is essential. We taste
everything thousands and thousands of times.
We see it this way: fermentation is just the beginning;
wines need to be understood then.


100% of the grapes reach the winery after being hand-picked.
This process provides them with the best quality.


We believe technology should be used when necessary.
Therefore, nature is prioritised rather than machine intervention
as much as possible.


Traditional cement deposits
were abandoned a long time ago.
Nowadays, we use them to
grow our wines.

Plot organisation

Our wines are produced according to the land.
It does not matter if we can produce just a hundred bottles on that soil:
The plot comes first.


Wine is grown in wooden barrels, but we do not stick to the rules to do so.
We use different kinds of wood, roasts, ages and sizes; the wine leads the way.