A garage, old vines, and a dream: to make the best wine. We don’t want rules; we believe in our land, our grapes, and our senses.
We are Bodegas Frontonio.

Bodegas Frontonio is the result of dreaming, of believing that it is possible, and of working with an objective: our land. It is the result of people who have come together with a common purpose: wine made by people, for people.

In 2008, Fernando Mora started to make wine at home. It was a fairly unusual beginning that led to one of the most exciting and entertaining wine project in Spain. At the same time, Francisco Latasa decided to set up his own firm with just a camping table in his grandparents’ apartment.

They met Mario and began to make wines in Mario’s parents’ garage using vines that had been planted by his father and grandfather. Interpreting each plot, each grape, each manufacturing technique was hard but exciting work. Its result was the emergence of the first vintage of what, in the future, would be Frontonio 2010, of which just 630 bottles were made.

In 2014, we burst forth, thanks to having great vines, consistency, and a great story: the story of our life.

The essence is currently the same: to make garage wine – or, to put it better, to make wine in a garage. Those of you who have visited us are the only ones who know that behind a small retail-wine shop, our secret lies hidden. We seek out and we rehabilitate small, century-old gardens of vines.

Our vineyards, our wines, and our new friends will continue to create our own story.

In a garage

All our wines are made in a
garage. We are proud to be a
micro-winery where we can
work in our way and
create unique wines.

Crushed by foot

High-end wined are crushed
by foot, which helps to
prevent seeds being broken,
which would otherwise give a
bitter taste; moreover, we find
it entertaining and traditional.

Taste and taste again

Tasting is key. We taste every
thousand times. For us,
fermentation is just the
beginning; we need to
listen to the wines.

by hand

100% of the grapes reach
the winery having been
harvested by hand, giving
the maximum level of quality.


We believe in using technology
where it is necessary,
but we always seek the
easiest option: nature.


The traditional cement
deposits were abandoned
many years ago;
we use them to
grow our wines.

Plot organisation

We make wine based on plots
of land. It does not matter
to us if a wine produces
100 bottles, if that is what we
of the land put into bottles.


We also make wine in barrels,
but with no rules, using
new wood, different roasts,
different times, different sizes;
the wine is in charge.