Land of Grenache grapes
and courage..

Influenced by the Iberian system,
the Moncayo and other mountain ranges,
Valdejalón has vineyards
between 450m and 1030m refreshed by
the Cierzo wind. Very diverse soils
and some very old plots of
Garnacha, Macabeo and other
local varieties.

—Weather conditions

Rainfall is scanty, and varies between 200 and 500 l / m2 per year.

The prevailing wind is called the “Cierzo”, which blows for several days a year.

Temperatures in spring and autumn are gentle and agreeable, lying between 5 and 25º C. Winter temperatures are between -5 and 10º C, with summer temperatures ranging from 20 to 40 ºC.

We have 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

Our vineyards

Diversity, respect
& Regenerative

We have small plots of traditional
bush vines growing at 450 to 1030m
altitude on clay, limestone and blue
slate soil worked organic. The north-facing,
mountain conditions are essential for preserving
acidity in the wines, creating the
freshness and elegance that is a
hallmark of our style.
Our oldest vineyard date back to 1898
and we venerate the oldest, lowest producing
vines that give the best unique grapes.
Where plants have died, or been replaced
with almond trees, we have been replanting,
knowing well that we will not see them old,
but it is or legacy for the future.
We want to bring back yesterday’s pride
to the valley, Barrandijos.
Regenerative agriculture is dynamic and
holistic and incorporates permaculture and
organic farming practices, such as cover
crops, crop rotation, compost, mobile
animal shelters, and sheepherding rotation,
to increase food production, farmers’ income
and especially the quality of the top
layer of the soil.