El Jardín de las Iguales

All wine begins with the soil and the soil of El Jardin de Las Iguales is truly one of a kind. Known as “Las Iguales” by its previous owner, this vineyard is nestled in the Sierra de Algairén, specifically in the winding Barrandijos Valley in Alpartir.

Fruit of the chance, or rather of causation, a part of this vineyard was planted between 1898 and 1908, and since then a single family, “Los Paseta”, have been the caregivers, with subsequent plots later added between the years of 1919 and 1929 – all preserved until recently saved from the brink of extinction.
In 2016, Bodegas Frontonio had the honour of being able to acquire this piece of land and history. In Jardin de Las Iguales, decades of wisdom are accumulated in twisted, gnarly vines amongst recovering old terraces and crumbling stone walls.
Bring back yesterday’s pride to this valley has been since so our obsession, such a special place should be something else in the past. Dry stone walls almost
disappeared shown us that, in another era, more terraces could be cultivated under vines.
We were able to access photos of a North American flight (1943 and 1957) where indeed we confirmed that this unique place was a whole vineyard with micro-parcels.
Sometimes an old vineyard per se only means the passage of time and this just finish in death. El Jardin de las Iguales could then just become old and disappear or recover a historic status. The decades of wisdom accumulated in twisted plants with incredible shapes it is transmitted in its wines.
It is time to rebuild its walls, replant their vineyards and bringing back life to its soils. Also processing its grapes by gravity and “elevage” them in caves underground. The best fineine wines are the expression of origin, dreams, culture and art.