Are there even magic vines? Once you see one, everything comes together: the vine seeks to find its special uniqueness, to gather the whole soil´s strength and history in a unique fruit. A task was then given to the mankind: to identify those places so unique parcels located in some of the hardest areas could grow. Later generations have taken care of them from their heart rather than their head.

Just a few selected vines can take you to the place they belong through the energetic aroma of its wine.

Our dream is impossible to achieve: finding perfection in singularity. Just the way a painter reflects the beauty of his thoughts on the canvas to create a piece of art, the vinedresser creates unique wines through the connection with the land: a wine that will always belong to that vinery, a place to be understood, respected and protected.

That is the path we have chosen, or it could be the other way round at least. The connection of the man and the land.

—El jardín de las Iguales

El jardín de las Iguales

Macabeo 2018

El jardín de las Iguales

Garnacha Tinta y Macabeo 2018


Wine from classified old vines (Grand Cru)


Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo 2018


Garnacha Tinta 2018

Alas de Frontonio

Garnacha Tinta, Macabeo 2018


Wine from classified vines (Premier Cru)


Garnacha, Peluda y Mazuela 2018


Garnacha Tinta, Macabeo 2018


Cribatinaja, Garnacha, Provechón y Robal 2018


Village Wine


Macabeo 2019


Garnacha 2018


Regional Wine

Botijo Blanco

Garnacha blanca 2019

Botijo Rojo

Garnacha 2018


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