Grenache, Garnacha Peluda (Lledoner Pelut) and Mazuela 2018

Mazuela, Grenache and Lledoner Pelut Grenache (as known as Garnacha Peluda) from 3 villages fermented in cement and aged in foudres.


Vineyards 18 ha in Épila, Morata and Alpartir
Locations Various
Growing area Alluvial soil, slate and limestone
Altitude 480-600m
Inclination 10% on average
Age ow vines +50 years
Organic Yes


Harvest Sept 8-15th. Hand-picking in 30 kg bins.
Skin contact 25%
Yeast Indigenous
Fermentation Stored 35 days in cement
Extraction 1/2 manual punch-down per day with the feet
Ageing 13 months in 2.500 l. oval foudres and 500 l. barrels
Production 18.700 units
Chemical analysis 13,5% abv, 3,22 pH